DC Vietnam International Wood Company Limited is a professional and international wood trading company with know-how and experience in the wood sector since 2006. Focus on dealing with plywood and LVL for export to Asian markets. We have an excellent understanding of supply chain management, logistics, and Asian sales culture. We are supplying plywood and LVL directly from the plywood and LVL mills around Vietnam.

Our wood products are mainly supplied from Dong Anh, Yen Vien, Thanh Son, Thanh Ba, Ha Hoa, Yen Bai and Northern Vietnam. We are specialized in export to customers in Korea, Malaysia, Japan and Thailand. D&C is a reliable and trustworthy partner to our valued customers. We focus on customer satisfaction through numerous factors like quality control, delivery on time, competitive prices, and Sales representation close to our customers in local languages.


Our primary role is to be an inspiring and innovative link between your purchase, the plywood mills around Vietnam. Choseing us, as your partner, we guarantee you an optimization of your purchases, a competitive price, delivery reliability and agreed quality. Our team of competent and dedicated employees is always ready to give you the best guidance and best customer experience.


D&C WOOD is the largest stockist of plywood in Northern Vietnam. Our wide and deep range of quality plywood has carefully been selected from plywood mills around the Vietnam. From our warehouse in Hanoi, Phu Tho, Yen Bai we serve the plywood-consuming industry in Vietnam and large parts of Asia. Our warehouse contains more than 20 different species from 100 plywood mills. Our assortment is highly adaptable to our customers’ needs and will be expanded accordingly.

D&C WOOD stands for year long personal and trust-based relationships with our suppliers. Our core values are defined as quality, service, environment and honesty. The broad product accessibility from our warehouse, guarantees our customers quality products to competitive prices, timely delivered.